Ceramica Nulense started in the 70’s with an initial team of 32 employees and its activity developed in a 650,000 Sqft area with the wonderful aim to devise, create and manufacture ceramic products with the best quality and prices.

Today, and thanks to a constant investment and expansion of our business plan, Stn Ceramica Group is settled on an industrial area of 1 million Sqm. It has a production capacity of 1,238 million Sqft per year*, reaching 140 countries and employing more than 1351 people. This expansion puts Stn as the 2nd European Ceramic producer and the 8th Worldwide Ceramic producer according to the information provided by the renowned Ceramic World Review in 2022.

This development has been possible thanks to the sustained growth which has enabled investments to be undertaken in order to improve and modernize industrial plants. The constant upgrade allows Stn Ceramica Group to be in first position of competitiveness and productivity of every kind of ceramic products and in every available format in the market, while still providing the best designs and the highest quality. In March 2022, the new PV AUTOCONSUMO CENUSA photovoltaic solar plant came into operation, installed on various roofs of the industrial warehouses that the company has at its facilities in Nules (Castellón) with a peak installed power of 2,785.96 kWp and a power inverter rating of 2,500 kW.

This evolution has been possible thanks to sustained growth that has allowed investments to improve and modernize industrial plants. This allows the STN Cerámica Group to be a leader in competitiveness and manufacturing capacity for all types of ceramic products in any of the formats available on the market, combining the highest quality and the best designs.

The installation has had a cost of 1,540,638.65 +VAT and has received a subsidy of €180,948.42 granted through the IVACE (Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness), the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, and the IDAE (Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving), being financed by the Next Generation Funds of the European Union.

The solar plant consists of 6,123 photovoltaic panels and 25 inverters, which in turn makes it possible to monitor the production of the plant and the consumption of the network.

In this way, the STN Group joins the strategy of energy independence and the use of renewable energies, which in the current circumstances appears as a basic necessity, both for reducing environmental impact and for energy savings.




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