Floor tiles vs Wall tiles. What is each one for?


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Floor tiles vs Wall tiles. What is each one for?

Discover the differences and similarities between two basic concepts in the world of ceramics.

Today we bring you an essential post if you are thinking of using ceramic tiles in a renovation or new building work. What is the difference between floor tiles and wall tiles, and what do they have in common?

Let’s start by simplifying: floor tiles, as the name suggests, are for the floor and wall tiles are for the wall, but there are a lot of nuances that make them, sometimes, two completely different materials.

Floor tiles, in general terms, are made up of those materials that are used to cover the floor of any house or establishment.  There are different types of floor tiles, depending on the materials and their characteristics.

Wall tiling, on the other hand, makes up the vertical wall of our projects and, as with the floor tiles, it can also be made with different materials and finishes (natural, gloss, matt…), depending on the effects we wish to achieve.

But it is not only their use that is different. Often, the technical characteristics of one and the other are different, since floor tiling requires more resistance to impact than wall tiling and, therefore, its manufacturing process is different. More resistant materials will require higher firing temperatures to guarantee durability and resistance.

Formats can also vary, although the proliferation of ceramic tile sizes has been enormous over the last few years. Floor tiles are usually square or rectangular, larger or smaller, while wall tiles are usually rectangular and have decorative pieces to make them more versatile and more attractive for decorative projects.

Can the same material be used for both floor and wall tiling?

Yes, we can find products that, due to their characteristics, can be used in both places. This is the case of most porcelain gres collections, which have the perfect characteristics to be used on floors, but adapt perfectly to walls and create harmonious spaces with visual continuity.

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