Which are better, white or red body tiles?


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Which are better, white or red body tiles?

Both materials have their own characteristics and are suitable for different projects.

One of the questions we ceramic tile manufacturers or our distributors receive most frequently is whether white body tiles are better than red body tiles. It is easy to think that their technical characteristics or even their formats make porcelain tile “better” but the truth is that there is no one material better than another, but rather more suitable for our needs and those of the project.

We can ask ourselves several questions to decide which material is best for us.

Where are we going to place the tiles?

The first question we should ask ourselves is whether we are going to place these tiles indoors or outdoors. If the answer is that we are looking for a terrace or a patio, we will need white body tiles. Why? Because of their technical characteristics.

The clays used and their production process make these tiles much less porous and with a really low water absorption, therefore, they are perfect for outdoors, even in rainy areas. If, on the other hand, we are thinking of buying tiles for an indoor space, both white body and red body tiles will be appropriate.

What decorative effect are we looking for?

Both white and red body tiles are available in a wide range of finishes and decors and can have, for example, rectified edges, although this is still more common for white body tiles. However, the sizes and formats in which the pieces can be found vary considerably.

Porcelain tiles, due to their characteristics, can have much larger formats, even over three meters. This makes it the perfect material to imitate textures found in nature in large formats, such as wood or marble. If we are looking for smaller pieces, red body tiles will be perfect for our interiors.

What is our budget?

A ceramic tile is a very durable material that can be maintained for years in ideal conditions with minimal maintenance. However, we find differences in the cost of red body and white body tiles, due to the use of different raw materials and also different manufacturing processes.

  • White body tiles will always be somewhat more expensive than red body tiles, especially if we add some processes such as polishing or rectification.

  • Red body tiles, which are somewhat cheaper, offer the best technical performance of ceramic tiles at a moderate cost, so they are the winning option when costs are a key factor in our decision-making process.

Therefore, we can see that there is no material that is better than another, but rather one that is more suitable in certain circumstances.

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