Ceramic tiles, the best alternative to natural materials


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Ceramic tiles, the best alternative to natural materials

Tiles have many technical advantages over the materials they reproduce.

Many lovers of natural materials end up choosing ceramic tiles for their interior design and decoration projects despite having decided, almost from the very beginning, that their preferred choice was wood, slate or marble. But when we start researching and looking for objective factors to make a decision, tiles are moving up the list to become the favorite material for many.

Why? Because we are increasingly able to produce more realistic collections and because it is a material that is infinitely easier to care for and maintain than its natural counterparts.

Ceramic has several advantages over natural wood, a very robust and versatile material but with certain peculiarities that make it quite delicate. For example, ceramic, especially porcelain tile, is a much less porous material that tolerates an excess of water.

However, with natural wood, we must be much more careful to prevent it from puddling and concentrating and causing damage to the material. In addition, wood is much more delicate in terms of possible scratches or damage, while ceramic is much more resistant to scratches and other types of damage.

Something similar happens with marble and other natural stones, which are classic materials in decoration due to their elegant and timeless appearance. Their composition makes them sensitive to certain acids and other liquids that can be corrosive.

Therefore, placing marble on the pavement of a kitchen would be quite risky because of the type of liquids and cleaning products that we usually use in this room.

Another advantage that ceramic offers over marble is precisely the possibility of making non-slip pieces, which is essential for wet places. Marble, due to its polished finish, can be more slippery in bathrooms or outdoors in case of rain.

But the ability of ceramics to adopt textures and image of other materials goes beyond wood, marble and other natural stones. It is the perfect alternative to cement, when we want to look for that industrial and current look but facilitate the maximum long-term maintenance or even when we like the look of cement but want a different color tone that we can not offer the original material.

The same goes for metal, which has become a favorite of many decorators thanks to the ability of ceramics to reproduce the effect of rusted and worn plates. Tiles with a metal look are ideal for interiors with a lot of personality and that seek to surprise.

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