How to decorate by combining marble


Contrasting and choosing other complementary materials are the keys to getting marble right

How to decorate by combining marble

Contrasting and choosing other complementary materials are the keys to getting marble right

There are many reasons why marble is one of the construction and decoration materials that never goes out of fashion: its elegance, its timelessness. And also the advantages of ceramics that reproduce this natural stone. Tiles with a marble look have all the elegance of stone combined with the versatility and comfort of ceramic, a very resistant material that is easy to clean and requires less care than marble.

Many people have doubts when it comes to using marble in their interior design or decoration projects: do we use it alone, do we combine it with other materials, does it look too classic? Although the answer to these questions will always depend on the taste of each client, there are some basic guidelines for combining marble:

  • Marble and marble. If we are going to use marble as the main material in our space, contrasting it is one of the trends that never disappears.

    In fact, there are few contrasts more classic but modern at the same time than white marble with black or dark grey marble.

  • Marble and wood. Although you may think that they are distant materials, the truth is that it is common to find the combination of marble and wood in different interior spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms.

    The white of marble combines perfectly with wood of any shade, providing sophistication and lightness. But also the dark marble gives us the possibility to combine perfectly with wood as long as we look for contrast and create spaces with a lot of personality.

  • Marble and metal. The combination with metal is one of those marble bets that appears every few years among the decorative trends of the year. Almost any combination enriches a space clad with marble, but gold or bronze stand out above all, both in taps and in decoration.

    Combining marble with metallic elements we will have sophisticated and avant-garde interiors, whether we choose light or dark marbles.

  • Marble and other materials. When we are looking for contrast in interior design, the easiest way to establish it is through furniture and decorative objects and, in this sense, it is the colour that will mark the combinations with marble.

    It all depends on whether we are looking for an interior with more harmony where cream tones predominate or if, on the contrary, we are looking to surprise with marked contrasts. Red, emerald green or cobalt blue are colours that combine perfectly with any white or light grey marble.

Combining marble with other materials can be a total success in interior design and decoration projects, mainly because ceramic eliminates almost any limits that this material may have in its natural stone format.

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