Kitchens and tiles in 2023: some keys to a space in constant evolution


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Kitchens and tiles in 2023: some keys to a space in constant evolution

New kitchen trends revolve around creating spaces that are bright, functional and innovative in their design.

The kitchen is one of the spaces that has undergone the most changes in recent years. For instance, the now almost overcome pandemic has been one of the causes and has transformed this room into one of the protagonists of the home along with the living rooms. Some trends that mark this 2023 are aimed at improving functionality, aesthetic beauty and design innovation, the result of the evolution of these gastronomic and social places. And of course, ceramics are a very present resource.

One of the most important trends is the growing importance of lighting. Lighting no longer has to serve only the purpose of cooking, but also to favor this space as a meeting point with new routines and more people.  A more integrated lighting to this new rhythm of life can be achieved in a natural way with large windows, with artificial light adapted to the time of day or with the shades of the surfaces.

In this sense, light ceramic tiles in pastel, brown or gray tones will help to achieve a wider and brighter perception of the space in general. Connecting spaces such as the terrace with tiles also helps to bring light into the interior. We have collections that have even greater thicknesses (2CM thick) to combine both spaces without worries.

Soft colors are contrasted by styles with character, which transmit more welcoming sensations. Rustic and retro come back to kitchens to claim more organic or familiar forms with the past.

On the one hand, retro tiles feature interesting geometric motifs or richly colored patterns. These can be installed on surfaces such as the backsplash to highlight it, as well as on the floor to highlight the kitchen area.

On the other hand, we can favor natural sensations, also on the rise this year, with surfaces reminiscent of stone. Our collection of rustic ceramic tiles draws the typical textures of the exposure of this material to the elements or the small details of color that simulate its composition.

Due to their characteristic appearance, both styles of tiles allow multiple aesthetic games, such as marking the difference between certain areas or unifying spaces, especially in open kitchens.

It should be noted that the trends for kitchens in 2023 go beyond textures or colors. A booming trend this year is the use of different shapes than usual, with which you can create surfaces with new patterns depending on how they are installed. If we talk about ceramic tiles, one of the most popular now is the metro type, rectangular and elongated, whose pieces are placed unevenly or herringbone. We also find the hexagonal shapes that are applied to the surface in the form of honeycomb. Depending on how these unusual tiles are combined with the rest of the elements, it is possible to reinforce from retro to more avant-garde styles.

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